Submission Guidelines:

Submitting your wedding business listing to is fast and easy. But before you send in your business listing, please make sure to read and follow the submission guidelines below.

We ONLY accept businesses that are closely related to the wedding planning process. If your business/website is not tightly related to weddings it WILL be rejected

Our Recommendation:

- Title or Business Name. We strongly recommend including your official business name as the title.

- Short Description. The short description is the overview or summary of your business description.

- Description. The description should explain about your business or company, company's history, features, functions, products and services that your business has to offer.

NOTE: To promote everyone's wedding business online, we are doing our best to rank every wedding business listed in our directory to appear at the top of the search engines results page (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.). One basic requirement to achieve it is to submit a unique description about your wedding business. We try to avoid duplicate contents from other websites, therefore never copy-paste your description from other website - reword them when necessary.

- Contact Details. At least include your business mobile number(s) and email address.

- Logo, Photo or Image. Upload your business logo or a sample photo or image of your products and services. We recommend an image file (.PNG, .JPG) upto 200px by 200px in size.

- Keywords. Provide the most relevant keywords related to your wedding business (e.g. photography if your business offers photography services). Separate each keyword with a comma.

- Choose the most appropriate category which is closely related to your wedding business. If the category that you're looking and think it is not included in the directory yet, please contact us and suggest a category.

- The person submitting the business listing should either be the owner or any authorized person who represent the wedding business.

- The business listing should only be listed in the suppliers directory once. Verify that your wedding business is not yet listed in the directory.

Avoid These:

Submitted business listings will be denied for any, but not limited to, the following reasons.

- Do not write only in CAPITAL letters.

- The title or business name does not match the description and nature of the business.

- The description does not match the nature of the business. Avoid irrelevant description.

- Do not include your website address, telephone number(s), mobile number(s), email(s) and the likes within the title, the description or your logo as it has already been listed in the contact details.

- The description was copy-pasted from Facebook and any other websites. We research on the internet if your description was already posted to any website on the internet.

- The business listing contains numerous grammatical or spelling errors. Please perform a spell check before submission.

- Inappropriate category assignment.

Do not submit a business listing that contains nothing more than just the contact details. Business listings that have little to no meaningful contents will not be approved and will be suspended.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the wedding directory, reserves the right to deny any submission that does not act in accordance with these guidelines. reserves the right to deny and/or remove listing submissions. Business Listing Submission Guidelines is subject to change without prior notice.

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